Welcome to SYNGBIO!

What is SYNGBIO.org? SYNGBIO.org is a community resource for researchers of pipefishes, seahorses and seadragons.

What is the SYNGBIO Meeting? The International Syngnathid Biology Symposium is held biennually with the mission to bring together scientists, students and interested persons for the promotion of research on pipefishes, seahorses and seadragons.

3rd syngbio logo The 3nd Syngnathid Biology International Symposium (Syng Bio 2017) will be held from May 14 - May 19th 2017 in Tampa Bay Florida. See the SYNGBIO 2017 website for further details.

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The 2nd Syngnathid Biology International Symposium (SYNGBIO 2013) was held from 25 to 28 March at the University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal. The Fisheries Biology and Hydrobiology Research Group of the Centre of Marine Sciences had the privilege to host Syng Bio 2013 and was proud to have it in Portugal.

1st syngbio logo The 1st Syngnathid Biology International Symposium (SYNGBIO 2011) took place at Fiskeb├Ąckskil, Sweden April 25-29, 2011. It was sponsored by the Nordic Marine Academy.