To see the photos in the contest, please visit our Facebook page.

The SYNG BIO 2013 organizing committee is now opening a photographic contest entitled “The most amazing nonspecific photo in the entire world, as long as it is related to syngnathids” (also known by the acronym TMANPITEWALAIIRWS, for those who really like naming research projects this way).

The contest will be divided into two categories, brilliantly termed “Fish” and “Not Fish”. The first (Fish) will include all the superb photos of syngnathids and their habitats that you usually keep hidden from general view, waiting for that contact by National Geographic. The second (Not fish) will mainly be photos of researchers working or having fun (you cannot have both, everybody knows that).

Given the current state of the global economy, we are now prepared to introduce a “once in a lifetime” chance to win a much desired prize to each of the two category winners… wait for it… a magnificent bottle of Porto wine (not a cheap one, rest assured).

Submissions can be done through e-mail, where you should indicate the selected contest category (choose wisely as the prize is exactly the same). Prizes will be delivered at the Symposium. If you are not attending (shame on you!), and your photo wins the contest, we will send you a digital photo of the wine bottle. The actual bottle will then be delivered to the person ranked in second place. If the second place winner is not attending also (ok, almost impossible situation, but we are science people here, we run on P values and complicated equations that turn papers ever so sexy), we will share the bottle with those present.

All submitted photos will be placed on the Syng Bio 2013 Facebook page so please make sure we have permission to post them online. Once on the Facebok page we invite everyone to post a score in the comments section as marks out of ten. The judges (organizing committee) will take this into consideration when choosing the winners.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

The organizing committee.